Sedcom Business VoIP Plan

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Clear locally supported quality business VoIP lines keeping you connected to the world. Best suited for high volume outbound calls.



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SIP Trunk Systems For Business

For businesses with balanced inbound and outbound call volumes

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Phone Calls? Try our VoIP SIP Lines

Cut your phone bills by up to half and grow your business easily with Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines

Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines can help you create a cost-effective, quality communications solution for your office that is chock-full of features. Move your businesses to a Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines capable system and take advantage of cost savings and state of the art voice communications.

What our VoIP SIP Lines can Offer You

designed for Business

We will connect Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines you will get crystal clear phone lines that have all the advanced features like calling ID, direct extension dialing, line hunt and automatic fail over forwarding in the event of a power outage or network failure to a mobile phone number all included in every plan.

Best of all your incoming and outgoing Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines can be set up easily without the techno-babble and you always have access to Sedcom’s local support team to help you.

Save money

Line rental costs are less than half of your traditional line rentals.

Local Call Charges? 7c per call cheaper by half of traditional line call costs

Long distance call charges? 7c per call no more timed national calls

Mobile call charges? 17c per minute

Line hunt and calling line ID fees? Forget it! They come included

SIP Trunk systems offer impressive return on investment (ROI), often paying for themselves within months. This doesn’t  mean you miss out on all the snazzy features, either. Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines  are customisable and can evolve along with your business.

Panasonic NS700 VoIP Server integration

we can connect Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines to to most phone systems but we specialize in the market leading Panasonic NS700 PBX that when connected to our VoIP lines will take your business to the next level in voice communication flexibility and mobility.

Keep your existing traditional numbers

When you connect Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines, you can keep your existing numbers – Sedcom can easily port your Tesltra and Optus lines to our services within 5 to 30 days. You don’t have to lose or change your numbers if you move across town as Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines are not locked to a geographical location, we can even connect interstate numbers to you system.

All of your outgoing Sedcom VoIP SIP Lines calls can be “stamped” with your main number or we can send out any number you own . This number can be altered depending on

  • Different department groups
  • Extension’s direct number
  • The state you’re doing business in
  • Main directory number

Not all service providers are created equal. Sedcom Communications is a Local Canberra, provider of VoIP SIP Trunks and Panasonic PBX systems. Want to avoid phone system headaches? Look at what the Sedcom Communications Advantage can do for you.



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Call Rates

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  • $10  per month per channel min of 2 channels
  • 17c per minute calls to Australian mobile numbers, per second billing with no flag fall
  • 7c per call to standard Australian land lines
  • 30c per call to 13 & 1300 numbers
  • free calls to 1800 numbers
  • $1 per per month per additional phone number added to your service

Sedcom VoIP services are an over the top type service which means we can connect via any reliable broadband service with enough available bandwidth to carry the required voice traffic. VoIP services replace traditional copper phone lines on the NBN network, some carriers use brand names like DOT and T-Biz but they are all VoIp products.

All VoIP plans come with one included service number

All VoIP pricing is quoted in EX GST


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SIP Inquiry Form

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Fill out the below contact details and a Sedcom team member will contact you about getting the right SIP services for your needs

Sedcom SIP VoIP Lines

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